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Phyto-Luminaires with Water Cooling

Our luminary technology has a meticulously designed housing that enables the lights to achieve an impressive power output of up to 1kW. Furthermore, it features a cutting-edge water-cooled system which is seamlessly integrated into our advanced climate control technology. This ensures optimal temperature management for the farm and also eliminates risks of lamp overheating, which safeguards both the high-performance LEDs and the delicate plants they nurture.

Our lights have a dual-channel functionality, offering a level of customization that is unparalleled in the industry. The warm and cold channels feature smoothly adjustable power settings, allowing for precise simulation of natural sunlight variations: from the gentle hues of sunrise to the warm tones of sunset, this dynamic adaptability caters to the nuanced needs of diverse plant species. This transforms the lighting system into a catalyst for the growth and health of your plants.